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Restaurant & bar

Palais M.Oguz

Cooked with love. Simply delicious.

Our culinary journey blends local sophistication with international flavors to offer you a diverse range of culinary delights. From delectable appetizers to masterfully prepared entrees and tantalizing desserts, each dish is a symphony of flavor and creativity. Immerse yourself and be inspired by our menu while you experience unforgettable moments of pleasure in the inviting ambience of the Palais M.Oguz.

Freshness &
seasonal cuisine

Experience the essence of freshness and seasonal cuisine at Palais M.Oguz. Our commitment to quality ingredients is reflected in every dish we serve. From crisp salads to hearty main courses, each dish is prepared with carefully selected seasonal produce to ensure the highest taste and flavors. Immerse yourself in the vibrant diversity of the seasons as you experience culinary excellence in our inviting ambience.


Book your event in a unique location.

Palais M.oguz Above

Upstairs with fireplace and balcony

Club 62

In Club 62 with a DJ and its own bar

Ask and we will help you with the organization.



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